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Tomorrow is my egg retrieval!

Today is August 3, 2007.

Tomorrow is a BIG day for me and my husband, James. We are undergoing IVF (in vitro fertilization) and my egg retrieval is tomorrow. After 2.5 years trying to have a baby including one early miscarriage, this is so surreal. I am a bundle of emotions. All the hormones being artificially pumped into me via fertility drugs have made me a Hormonal Mess! Anyone who knows me already knows I am highly emotional, and this has pushed me over the edge! Since July 20, 2007, I have done nearly SEVENTY self-administered injections, been stuck 8 times for blood (one time I got stuck 3 times in one day), and had 5 ultrasounds!

My head is just swimming with all kinds of thoughts. What if all the follicles (the fluid filled sacs in my ovaries containing my eggs) are empty? What if none of them are mature? What if none fertilize and we have no embryos to transfer back in 2-5 days? I am doing my best to stay positive. However, with so much disappointment month after month, it is very difficult. LOTS of people get pregnant on their first IVF attempt. I am really hoping that we are lucky enough to be included in that group!

Physically I am exhausted today. All I have wanted to do is sleep! I went back to sleep after James went to work this am and slept for 3 more hours. Then, this afternoon I fell asleep watching tv and slept like 2 more hours at least. I hope I can sleep tonight! We have to be at the surgery place at 7:30 in the morning. My retrieval is at 8:30. I am so anxious. I want this so bad I can taste it.

Results from my latest ultrasound on Thursday showed 8 follicles with at least 4 already mature size. The rest still have potential to catch up since I did my last shots on Thursday morning with my "trigger" (a shot to finish the maturation of the eggs and force ovulation 36 hours later) on Thursday night. My estrogen level was 782 (lower than most women at that stage, but still ok). My level was 874 the day before, but the nurse assured me it was fine.

So, after anticipating this retreival since MAY of this year, it is now less than 12 hours away...

Wish us luck. If you pray, please pray for us. Dear Lord, please be with us in this very stressful time. Grant us peace and help us get through this journey. Amen.