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Time to play catch up


Well, I must admit I have been a slacker. I had just started to recover from the devastation of our egg retrieval when I was hit with another blow. The Wednesday after retrieval I went to work. When I turned my phone on Thursday morning I had messages from my mom and one of my brothers. Seemed strange. Then, I get home and have 2 messages on our answering maching from the night before from my Aunt who lives 3 hours away. My maternal grandfather, whose health had gotten worse over the last 5 years or so, had a massive heart attack. They weren't sure how much longer he was going to make it.

Are you kidding me???? Well, they were right and he died early on Friday morning, less than a week after our egg retrieval. August 10th, 2007 my 85 year-old grandfather passed away. My grandpa was a wonderful man...he was always telling stories about something. From his days in the Navy to his many years working at the post office riding the train while sorting mail. He raised 5 children. He was madly in love with my grandmother, and was married to her for 62 years.

James found a video from Christmas of 2001 with grandpa on it and it is great! He reads the Christmas story from the Bible, and chats it up with everyone. He had such a beautiful soul and was truly was a great man. He will be missed terribly. I miss you grandpa! I love you so much!