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Failed IVF appointment with the Doctor

Monday was our appt to discuss the failed IVF cycle. I am so glad James could go with me. I learned some information I was not aware of. They only retreived 2 mature eggs, not 3. They did the ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) on the "better looking" of the 2 immature egg in hopes of fertilization. The other 2 eggs were in the "other" category, meaning they must have been slightly degraded already. Two weeks of injections for TWO mature eggs??? I could have done THAT on my own!

What it boils down to is this, we now have to decide between several options. Try IVF again with my eggs and James's sperm, use donor eggs with James's sperm (at a much steeper cost), use donor embryos (not sure what that costs), or start looking into adoption. All of these options are gonna cost a lot of money. It's so unfair that we even have to make these decisions. Just Tuesday at work we had a 2 month old baby whose mom slept in the lobby all night so she wouldn't have to take care of her baby. She couldn't hear him cry, didn't have to feed him, etc. Why do people lke that get to have babies and I can't?????

Anyway, we are leaning toward trying IVF one more time. It will have to be after the first of the year, but what's a few more months? In the meantime, I will hope and pray that God gives us our miracle baby without medical intervention.

Dear God, please help us through these trying times. I am giving our infertility struggles over to you. We want to be parents so badly, and only you can make that happen. Amen.