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Decisions about IVF

Well, we have decided to go ahead with IVF one more time. The doctor said we can start the process and if I don't respond well we can stop before retrieval and save money. I have been doing a lot of research about IVF protocols and it is so complicated. From what I have read, I was on a pretty aggressive protocol. But, some women still respond better on a different protocol. So, I guess we will do this again with slightly different meds and a different schedule.

So, we are waiting...AGAIN. We are hoping things work out so that we can try again in January of 2008. Please, let us have better results. I am so sick people saying "why don't you just adopt"? Like adoption is cheap and easy or something. Adoption is expensive and still stressful. I know people mean well, but it just comes out wrong.

Dear God, please help ease our aching hearts. Please help us find peace. Only you know the plan laid out for us. Help us be strong and trust in you. Amen.